in the end it's all sinfuly delicious
taste of your lips on my skin drives me wild
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Incest - brother/sister/lactating

Feeding little brother by nasty dan

She was aware that boys Alex’s age liked to steal the occasional peek at a mother or sister’s nude body – it was just the way of young guys, and as much a part of the growing experience as getting enough calcium for their bones. Riley also didn’t think it fair that (she couldn’t really define why she thought this) her brother should skulk around. Maybe because of her own sexual habits, or the absence of inhibitions, that she didn’t mind letting her brother see her breasts. 

Alex was still standing in the hall, peering through the door, which was open about eight, maybe ten inches. Riley had known that as long as her breasts were exposed, her brother would stay in the hall looking in through the door. In a way, she was flattered by his attention. She pushed a long strand of raven hair from her face and shrugged from the blouse. It was the first time she’d totally exposed her breasts this way in front of Alex and she thought she heard a long groan coming from the hall.

"Alex, come here, please," she called out suddenly. She listened and waited, then after a couple of minutes, she said, "I know you’re out there, Alex."

The door swung open slowly and she turned her head to watch her younger brother slip into her bedroom. She smiled to herself when she saw how hard he tried to keep his eyes from her milk-filled breasts. As he walked further into the room she pretended not to see the bulge in his boxers that he was nonchalantly trying to cover with one hand.

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